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Duals.io Mod
Duals.io Mod

Duals.io Mod

Mod slitherio, when it comes to online games,Duals.io Mod has captured the attention of all gamers. The new game has features, which will capture the fancies of all players, irrespective of their age. The new version of the game has settings, which have the capability of enhancing the gaming experience by leaps and bounces.

About the game

If you are an online game fanatic then the latest game named Duals.io Mods is the game that you must check out. If you check out the official webpage, you will be able to get all the information related to the online game. Though it seems that playing the game is an easy task but in reality, you need to master the skills for scoring the highest scores and beating all other players. The players will get represented on the screen as cute looking snakes, which are of many colors. This will help the gamers in differentiating between the other gamers.

Playing the game

The entire map resembles a gigantic disc. The snakes will disappear if nay part of the snake’s body gets in touch with any part of the boundary. Nothing will be left behind. When your snake comes in contact with another snake, then you will die and leave behind the 20 to 23 percent of the food and mass that you have acquired till now. Play Duals.io

Most of the actions happen in the middle of the disc. There are chances of meeting another player or snake in the border area comes only when the game room is full. There are various rooms and to change from a room to the other, you must refresh the window.

Duals.io Bots

There are various kinds of bots, which are available in the game, but some of the characteristics are common in all of them. The bots move in zick-zack patterns. The bots will try to retreat when they are near any enemy bot. The bots have a tendency of moving forward when they are near the head of another snake.

They do this in order to cut out the enemy snake but will not assimilate their food and grow. When enemy snakes on all sides surround your bot, the bot representing you will move in a circular motion until the coast is clear. The bots never encircle you. They only assimilate the food they find lying around.

Duals.io Mod
Duals.io Mod

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