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Duals.io Mod
Duals.io Mod

Duals.io Play

Duals.io play  is perfect chooice for you. it is one of the best io games.It offers you a different gaming experience than other io games.

About Duals.io

Duals.io is a free online multiplayer game, you can kill all terorist take over map.It’s like a swap but offers a different experience.

How to Play Duals.io


– WASD or ←,↑,→,↓ is moving.

– Aim with your mouse

– Left click/cntrl is shoot

– Rightclick / b is open shop

Duals.io Tactic

Build defenses, turrets, walls, zombies to defend your territory while you try to takeover others.

Duals.io mod as son as possible.

Play duals.io


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