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hookem.io play

Play hookem.io

Hookem.io is the one of the best io games. it is on play multiplayer game. The main purpose of hookem.io hooke other people and steal people energy

How to play hookem.io

For all the controls and how to play it is strongly recommended you read our tutorial page. 



1. Mouse – Use this to guide your character around the map.

2. Left-Click or Q – Use this to aim and hook other players! Click again to detach to the hook (Incase you hook someone you don’t want to kill)

3. Right-Click or W – This is used to create a shield of blades that can cut people, but also block hooks if you’re fast enough!

4. E – can be used to use the special ability for your class. Read below for what each class has.

Play hookem.io






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