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Mope.io all animals are a very important part of the game.
Mope.io all animals are a very important part of the game.

Mope.io all animals powerful

Mope.io all animals are a very important part of the game. All the creatures are known to be a part of the food chain in the game and the larger animals can eat the smaller animals. The animals that are ranked higher have their own forms like nose, ears, mouth and other features.

The Mouse and the rabbit

The mouse opens the game. It is the most primary animal that you can use right after you spawn at the top of the chart. Mouse is the one animal that has a tail and the basic color of the mouse is gray. The animals have a lot of adornments that include tail, nose and snout. The other animal that follows the mouse in the mope.io play game is the rabbit. The mouse changes in a rabbit if you collect 50 XPs. Again, the rabbit changes into a pig after you collect 200XPs.These animals survive with the help of berries and water drops.

The other animals in the online game

The other animals in the mope.io online game that gradually evolve from the tiny mouse are the pig, fox, deer, lion, zebra, cheetah, mole, bear, crocodile, hippo, Dragon and Black Dragon that is really rare to find. Eating berries and drinking water and consuming the smaller animals to grow in size can achieve these animals slowly and gradually. These animals can however be attained by mope.io hack codes. Mope io hack helps you to use cheat codes and hack codes and win the most amount of XP points and also win over bigger animals easily.

The dragon is the highest

While the mouse is the tiniest of mope.io all animals, the dragon is the largest animal at the moment. The dragon is strong and powerful and it requires a great amount of XP points to evolve into a dragon. The Dragon is known to be the most current and highest evolution that can be obtained in the mope.io play by the highest number of XP points. You can however, earn XP points by climbing on the top of the food chain and eating berries and food and staying hydrated

How can you evolve to a powerful animal in mope.io?

About mopeio

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