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mope.io animals dragon and others simple guide
mope.io animals dragon and others simple guide

Mope.io Animals

Mope.io animals happen to be playable characters of mope.io. Every one of you is going to commence the escapade as a mouse. To develop into strengthener animals, you must locate the food and consume them continuously. When you pass away as anything other than a mouse, the subsequent run of yours is permitted to launch with added experience. Animals ought to drink water on a regular basis such that they don’t suffer from dehydrations. The existing ultimate / highest evolution amongst the mope.io animals is Dragon.


Indeed, mope.io animals are a vital ingredient of the game. All of the creatures that you get to witness on top of the chart are the constituents creating the faultless food chain. In the chain, the well-built animals will have the facility of eating those beneath them. Such animals are pretty miniature and have a circular form. The animals that are higher-ranked own numerous unique details such as nose, ears, mouth, and all that. Nevertheless, amongst animals in the game of mope.io, the only animal with a tail is the mouse.

Your character’s going to have a shady green outline even as the animals that you are able to assault are characterized by a light greenish outline below we look the first two animals in the game.


Mouse happens to be amongst the animals/creatures in the trendy mope.io game. It happens to be the primary animal that you are able to use right after you spawn on top of the chart. Mouse happens to be the lone animal that has the tail. The basic color of the mouse is gray. The animals have more than a few embellishments, example being ears, tail, nose, and snout.

While playing as a mouse you requires acting vigilantly as pigs, rabbits, lions, and foxes could consume you, with the sole exception being the Deer. You must amass a maximum of 50 EXP for leveling yourself up into the rabbit. Mouse is capable of hiding on small as well as huge Hiding openings in the game. If you do gulp down berries, you are going to gain additional experiences. In addition, Mouse is capable of drinking water drops.

Rabbit – playing as a rabbit and playing against a rabbit

Following the mouse, the subsequent animal in the game is the rabbit. On the mouse collecting a maximum of 50 XP, it is going to change into a rabbit. If the rabbit wishes to progress into a pig, it could do with an utmost XP of 200. In this game, the rabbit’s only going to consume berries with mice while drinking water drops. The rabbit could turn into the delicious feast of every animal from the pig to the crocodile with the exception being the deer. Rabbit is capable of hiding itself within minute as well as bulky hiding holes.

On booting the escapade as the rabbit, you ought to stick about berry bushes and search for mice. You must keep at this till you’ve changed into the pig! You must be wary of the hiding holes!

Other animals in the line of evolution

The other mope.io animals that you can develop into from a rabbit are Pig, Fox, Deer, Lion, Zebra, Cheetah, Mole, Bear, Crocodile, Hippo, and Dragon.


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