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Being a cheetah in mope.io
Being a cheetah in mope.io

Mope.io Cheetah

Being a cheetah in mope.io

 “Cheetah” ranks 9th among the animals of mope.io game in terms of the stages of evolution of the animals. The Cheetah is considered to be the land counterpart of the pufferfish and also the gorilla. In the section below we discuss some facts on this animal/character in mope.io online

Technical details of the cheetah

A player can upgrade to a cheetah in mope.io play the lion/ stingray  after having acquired an XP of at 15k

A player can continue plating as a mope.io cheetah till his/her XP is 28.5k. On exceeding this XP the player is going to upgrade to a bear /a swordfish.

It is capable of hiding inside great hiding fissures and berry flowering shrubs.

It is capable of consuming, deer, foxes, zebra, mole, mushrooms, lions, Berry as well as water drops.

Is can be consumed by crocodiles, bears, sharks, hippos, rhinos, as well as dragons.

How it appears

The cheetah is pale golden in color and 20 shadier spots are present on its back. The cheetah in this game develops so much that it gets bigger compared to the lion, which never happens in real life.

Strategies to adopt as a cheetah

Cheetahs, similar to deer, are speedier than their standard speed on land. You can utilize your speed boost for escaping from predators. You must be cautious that you don’t take a turn about something, an example being a hill, as that could present your pursuer with a chance of launching an attack on you. On the other hand, by keeping to a straight trail that you are able to pursue to escape your predator, you are likely to be fine and be capable of losing your predator jumping inside a hiding fissure promptly.

Some further details on this animal are that:

This had been the foremost animal to be incorporated in an update in which multiple animals were not incorporated.

The date of its incorporation was the game update that was done of the 12th of October

Previously a player could from a cheetah to a crocodile after having acquired 37k XP.

Prior to the 27th of October, a player could upgrade to a cheetah from a lion, and upgrade from it to a zebra.

It is the only land animal with a land equivalent, the gorilla.

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