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Oib.io Play
Oib.io Play

Oib.io Play

Oib.io play took his peak among the new io games. To play the new game Oib.io, you can visit the official website of the game by pressing the Play button below. Oi.io is a simple and fun game that creates a different style between io games.

  • Click and drag to select your army
  • Or just click to select just one unit
  • Click and CTRL to selecet deselect unit
  • Press space to select all units in your screen
  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move your camera
  • You can also use the Minimap to move your camera
  • If the queen dies you lose
  • Bigger units are slower than smaller
  • Units lose life with time
  • Queen loses life when she touches enemies
  • Biggest units and queen kill smallest units
  • Units and Queen gain XP when they eat other units
Game Play

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