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Skyarena.io Play
Skyarena.io Play

Skyarena.io Play

Skyarena.io is an .io games like no other. Play this game for awesome 3d aerial combat, and battle with other players in epic dogfights. Rule the skies.
[3rd January 2017] – Added hostile turrets that can be destroyed and will give points to the player that destroys them.
– Added more effects.
– Improved Networking.

[2nd January 2017] – Chat fixes.
– Added a button to hide/show the chat.
– Improved overall game feeling.
– Added tiny islands (will have interesting things in the future).
– Added deathscreen (players can now see who killed them).

[31st December 2016] – Planes now last longer.
– Hitbox is now bigger.
– Fire Rate is now bigger.
– Added chat.
– Added an ad box on the main menu.
– Fixed bugs.

[30th December 2016] – Initial release.

Skyarena.io Play



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