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Slither.io apk

Have you played the Splix.io game?
.io games are quite popular among the gamers around the world. It is considered to be an addictive game. You will not be bored at all while playing the game. The feedbacks are positive.
Splix.io game is the new entry on the Internet. It is multi player online browsing game that has won the hearts of people from all over the world. Have you played the game yet?
You won’t be bored
In case, you haven’t played the game yet, it is advised that you must give an attempt at least once. As per the feedbacks and reviews go, Splix.io is considered to be an engaging and addictive game play. There is no chance of getting bored.
The game play is simple
The game is very simple. All that you need to do is conquer as much land as possible and become the biggest of all. The main focus of the game is to get connected to as many squares as possible of the same color.
Watch out that you are not hit
You have to surround blocks’ group and need to return to your own land so that you can fill the blocks with your own color. But, you need to keep a watch whether someone hits you.
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