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Slither.io game gets million after its release

Slither.io game is the latest game sensation in the market for the gamers receiving millions of hits within few weeks of its release. In the game you get a snake- like character to swallow foods scattered over the game board by moving with the arrow keys. There is a fierce competition in the slither.io game which has led the experts to discover tips to win the game.

Mastering the leader board in slither.io game

The game provides useful map usually at bottom line of the screen to find out the convenient places on the game board where there are less opponents and you can get through the game and enlarge the worm. The next useful tip is encircling your opponent in the game. This is one of the most useful slither.io tips used by experts to encircle the opponents and leave no place for them to escape and as a result kill them as they touch your worm.

Cut off opponents to win the game

There are few opponents in the game which are to be avoided throughout by dodging them at each level. Cutting down the opponents by increasing the worm speed is another effective way to dodge the enemies and grow large to the maximum size. Most of the experience players use this method to get ahead in the competition. However, increasing the speed of your worm may slowly decrease the size of your worm. Therefore, the player needs to be careful while using this advance method to cut down opponents. You may also try to ram over the walls to get rid of your opponents, besides killing them .Ramming into the wall will cut of your opponent and they have to begin all over again whereas you continue at your current level.

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