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Splix.io chrome mode

Downloading the chrome mode of the game is easy
Do you think playing Splix.io is simple and easy to play? Think again. It is a challenging game. Accessing chrome mode enables or unlocks the hacks and cheats.
When you look at the game, it might seem to you that it is a simple game. You just need to connect the square blocks of the same color. But you shouldn’t forget there are millions of players. Splix.io chrome mode can make things different.
The game play is challenging
Since there are millions of players involved, the competition is very high. As such playing the game and passing the levels becomes quite challenging and troublesome. Ahead of playing, you must bestow your narwhale a charming name and opt for a server and also your area for playing before proceeding to the gaming arena.
Download the chrome mode easily
You can make your game play easier and smoother by downloading the chrome mode of the game. You can get hold of several hacks and cheats enabling you to surpass others in the competition.
Variable download versions available
You can download Splix.io chrome mode easily. There are variable versions available for the mobile and desktop downloads. Choose the one as per your needs. You won’t find any difficulty downloading it.
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