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Splix.io private server

Playing Splix.io at private server
Are you planning to play the game in the private server? If so, you won’t get any added advantages player in the private server. Make sure others don’t eliminate you.
Splix.io is the new game in the market of .io games. Within a span of a few days, millions of players have started playing the game. In fact, Splix.io private server is also provided to the players.
Capture as much land as possible
It is not like other .io games in respect to the game play. The game is all about capturing as much land as possible.
Other players might kill you
While playing the game, other players competing has the power to eliminate or kill you. You are actually a small dot in the game that moves in the map in search of other land and capture it. As you’re aware, .io games are incredibly trendy and addictive at present.
You have to abide by all the rules
When you play in the Splix.io private server, there is no change in the rules or regulations of the game. Like other players in the competition, you have to abide by the laws of the game and stay in the competition.
Tags: capture land; expand territory, same rules and regulations.

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