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Splix.io skins

You can customize the Splix.io patterns of area
Splix.io is similar to Slither.io in several ways. But, unlike Slither.io, Splix.io doesn’t feature skins. There are patterns of area. You can customize the patterns with different colors.
Splix.io is an online browsing game like Slither.io. Unlike Slither.io, Splix.io doesn’t feature any skins. Instead of Splix.io skins, the game features different colored blocks and patterns.
Players are represented by colors
Different color combinations represent every player in the game. Hence, each one of them know who their enemies are and which territory they belong to. Thus, you know which color is your enemy.
Choose your own colors
If you die while playing, you start playing again with a new color. If you want any specific color and play the game, it is very much possible. Unlike the earlier io games, This game’s character has its personal characteristic. While in the former games players were a miniature cell, a petite snake, / any miniature shapes, now, they’ll adopt the part of a marine creature by the name of io game.
Customize the pattern of area
Like Slither.io, you have the option of customizing the pattern of the area. There are so many different patterns of colors available from where you can choose. In simple words it can be said that Splix.io skins might not be present, but they are equivalent to patterns.
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