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Splix.io tips

Follow the Splix.io tips and tactics
There are several tips and tactics that allow you to play better. If you abide by them, you can excel as a player. Competition is fierce; hence tips can be really helpful.
If you are new to the game, you are well behind from others in the competition. Don’t get upset or disappointed. There are certain Splix.io tips and tactics that can be helpful while playing the game.
Expanding of the territory
Your prime focus in the game is to expand your territory. Expanding is easy but when executed in small intervals of time, rather than doing it all at once.
Be aware of your territory’s surrounding
You need to be aware of your surrounding. It is important to realize that one misstep can be disastrous for you. Instead of taking hasty decisions, it is advisable to safe steps. .io game online is a hilarious multiplayer game offering a pleasant game play as well as cool attributes to its players.
Expand in oddly shaped territory
When you are expanding your territory by capturing more blocks and patterns, you would want to extend in squares and rectangles. But, if you want to stay guarded expanding in oddly shaped territories are suggested. This is one of the main Splix.io tips that you should definitely follow.
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