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Surviv.io play game by creating your nickname in our game entries. By using the W, A, S, D keys you must control your own breathing, try to eat other small respirators and fight to survive by escaping the elders. Have fun ..

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Different mods for surviv.io play game

Single player games used to be very popular in the old days. But today, players are fond of playing multiplayer games. One of the most popular multiplayer games is surviv.io.

If you want to do surviv.io play, you have to visit the website to start playing the game. You have to enter a nickname, and start playing along with the other players, were present in the same arena. You can also choose the server. Using the server will help you play the game with other players, who are present within the same server. The server side named with the name of continents, which means if you are from one continent, you can also play with other players, from a different continent and vice versa.

Playing solo

There are a number of players, who want to get hands on the game, and want to practice it. For those players, there is an option to play the game of surviv.io solo, where the game will be played by you with the artificial intelligence robot, which is placed on the server side. But that is not very smart, and you can start playing the game with the gboard at the beginning, but that will not be a lot of fun at the end.

Playing with others

If you have completed playing the game in solo mod, and know the controls properly, it is a time that you should play the real game with some other players, who are present on the arena. But from time to time, it is also advisable that you play the game solo, and it can also be helpful if you are at a place, where no Internet connection is available. Just practice at the time, and give your best performance during the multiplayer session.

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